The Center for Labor & Community Studies' primary programming is the six flagship conferences that we hold each year. We also hold intermittent symposiums and short courses. Find the dates and descriptions for our upcoming programs below. You'll also find a list of our upcoming planning meetings at the bottom of the page.

October 9 -November 13, 2024

This comprehensive short course by Greg Drudi will provide participants with a foundation of grievance and arbitration procedures and how employee rights have evolved via legal, contractual, judicial, and political interventions. You'll deep-dive into the grievance machinery and gain knowledge to determine and  justify whether a grievance should proceed to arbitration.   Learn more here.

September 2024 (Specific Dates TBD)

With workshops for everyone, this Institute celebrates Latino culture and the immigrant experience. It offers workshops ranging from Latina/o Cultural Immersion and Latino History to What is Organizing, Workplace Safety, and multiple courses on different facets of leadership.  Learn more here.

Our newest conference, Workers Pride, welcomes everyone while drawing instructors, facilitators, and coordinators from the LGBTQ+ community. This conference is for those both within and outside the LGBTQIA+ community -- in fact, our workshops include an LGBTQ+ 101 workshop for allies looking to learn! Past courses have included Legal Rights, What to Do if Threatened for Supporting LGBTQ+ Awareness, Organizing 101, and Health & Family Issues.  Learn more here.

November 2024 (Specific Dates TBD)

Aimed at both formal and informal leaders, Fall Leadership offers basic and advanced workshops that help participants be effective change leaders in their workplace, union, and community.  Learn more here.

February TBD, 2025

Currently the largest of our conferences, this Thursday-Sunday event allows workers of all backgrounds to build their skills through workshops taught by African-American men of all ages. The conference offers ten different courses, ranging from Basic Unionism, to Diversity and Civil Rights, to Grievance Handing, to Financial Planning.  The conference also has a special Saturday Youth program. Learn more here.


Below you will find the dates & times for the 2024 conference planning meetings. The majority of these meetings will be held in-person at Fairlane Center North unless otherwise indicated via email. To get reminders about these meetings, please join our mailing list.

Planning meetings for the second half of the year will be added shortly, please check back later.