Safety in the Workplace

This online short course by Environmental, Health, & Safety Specialist B.M. Folks will cover different aspects of safety in the workplace. This six-week course will deep-dive into your rights as a worker to remain safe, the laws and union regulations that pertain to workplace safety, what an unsafe work environment looks like, what to do if you experience harm, including understanding workers compensation and disability rights.

About Your Instructor

B.M. Folks is a second generation steel worker. B.M. has belonged to three unions: FOP (Fraternal Order of Police), UAW (United Auto Workers) & USW (United Steel Workers). Through work with USW, B.M. was given training in Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS). From there, B.M became a government contractor with authority over EHS for 3 different military installations. B.M is currently the Regional EHS Specialist for the Great Lakes at Trane Technologies, commercial HVAC business unit. Additionally, B.M is member of the NAACP, the Detroit-Downriver A. Phillip Randolph Institute, and frequently instructs at UMD's Center for Labor and Community Studies. 

Class Details


Enrollment is $350. Please note, your registration for this course will not be considered complete until we receive your enrollment payment for this course. This course is TAP eligible. Those without tuition assistance programs may be eligible for a scholarship. 


This course is offered online only via Zoom. 


March 1, 2024 


March 7, 2024

Class Dates

March 7 | Thursday, 5PM - 7PM

March 14 | Thursday, 5PM - 7PM

March 21 | Thursday, 5PM - 7PM

March 28 | Thursday, 5PM - 7PM

April 4 | Thursday, 5PM - 7PM

April 11  | Thursday, 5PM -7PM 

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