Tips for Using Tuition Assistance

The General Tuition Assistance Process

While each Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) has their particulars, the general process is similar:

Step One:  Apply

Apply right away to you TAP program for assistance.  Note that applying for tuition assistance is completely separate from, and in addition to, registering with CLCS for the conference.   

Step TwoYou Get Confirmation of Approval or Reason for Rejection

Step ThreeGet Us Your Voucher

You need to get us your voucher SIGNED BY YOU.  (the exception is Ford -- see below).  You can do this by printing the voucher and signing it, then send it to use by one of the following:

a) scan and fax it to:  313-583-6430 or email to

b) take a picture and email it to:

c) Mail it to:Tracy Dye, Program Administrator; Center for Labor and Community Studies; University of Michigan-Dearborn 257 FCN; 19000 Hubbard Drive; 

Dearborn, MI 48216.  Note mail can take up to 2 weeks to get to us.

d) If you receive your confirmation right before the conference you can bring the signed voucher with you to conference registration.

Step Four:  Hand in Your Proof of Completion

We submit an invoice to your TAP program with your voucher -- generally the week following the conference.  Unless you work for Ford, your TAP program requires you to submit proof of successful course completion (by handing in the certificate you receive at graduation) within 60 days after course completion to close out the application. Failure to follow this procedure will result in the TAP program not paying CLCS and you being responsible for the full amount of the tuition.  Once CLCS has been notified of payment rejection you will receive an invoice from the university for the tuition.  The the university uses a collection service for invoices unpaid after 120 days.

If You Have Problems or Questions

Talk to your TAP or education rep. at work.   Some CLCS staff do have experience with the various TAP programs, so you can reach out to us if you are not getting answers through work.  Keep in mind, however, that the TAP process is specific to your company and is separate from CLCS and the university.

Notes on Specific TAP programs

Ford:  Your entire process is done online.  Once approved you do not print out and sign a voucher.  Instead follow the directions on your confirmation email to activate your voucher electronically.  PLEASE ACTIVATE YOUR VOUCHER AT LEAST A Week before the conference.  Once you have activated your voucher  Ford notifies CLCS .  You are now finished -- there is no need to hand in a certificate after graduation.

General Motors:  The company uses an outside contractor to handle TAP, called ED Assist (Bright Horizons).   Of the Big Three TAP programs GM requires workers to apply the most in advance.  They will send you both a Letter of Credit and a Voucher.  We need the Voucher with your signature, not the letter of credit.

Chrysler/Stellantis: The TAP system is done in-house through The Hub (