Union Sponsorships

How It Works

Unions can sponsor the attendance of their members, as well as CLCS's continued programming, by paying in advance for blocks of union members to attend conferences. By sponsoring, unions can pay less per member, streamline member registration, and get reduced rates for additional members sent beyond the allotted slots. 

Cost of 1-Year Sponsorship






Number of Student Slots per Year

Up to 5 members @ $400 each

Up to 10 members @ $375 each

Up to 15 members @ $350 each

Up to 20 members @ $325 each

Up to 30 members @ $300 each

Cost of Each Additional Slot






The Process

Send us an email letting us know that you're interested in sponsorship, at which point we'll send you the sponsorship form. Upon receipt of this form, a confirmation letter and flyer(s) for our next conference(s) will be sent to your contact person.  Your sponsorship is good for one year from the date you complete your contract.  If any sponsorship funds remain unused after one calendar year, the money still can be used for sponsorships, but the per-person fee will be increased to current sponsorship levels.  

After each conference, your contact may request an update that lists the members who registered for the conference, and how many slots you have remaining.  For questions call: 313-583-6400 or email LaborStudiesReg@umich.edu.