Southeast Michigan has long been in the forefront in regard to labor and education. The Center for Labor and Community Studies enhances the broad array of leadership and engagement programs currently taking place on campus. Through engaged research activities, the center creates new opportunities for scholarship and community development in southeast Michigan.

Farewell, for now, from CLCS.

Dear Activists and Friends,

The University of Michigan – Dearborn has announced the suspension of operations at the Center for Labor and Community Studies (CLCS).  Our last effective date is July 31, 2020.  Operations are suspended until at least February 1, 2021, and maybe longer depending on the COVID-19 risks.

This announcement was disappointing, but not surprising.  Since the onset of COVID-19, the University has had to adjust to new financial constraints, and is seeking ways to cut costs.  Our work did not fit neatly within the University mission of serving the matriculated student population and, due to our inability to run conference events under COVID-19, the CLCS became a target. 

The University has emphasized that this is a suspension, not a closure, and holds out the possibility of restructuring in order to reopen the Center when conferencing can resume.  We will have conversations in the next few months over how this might happen.  In the meantime, our staff is reachable by email to answer questions, or to help in any way. 

Our first labor conference, the Michigan School for Women Workers, was held in 1974 with the goal of advancing female activists in the union movement through education.  Other CLCS conferences followed that programmatic objective of helping underserved groups rise in the labor movement.  We are proud of the fact that many labor and community leaders found their voice through CLCS events, and that we played a small role in facilitating a more diverse and inclusive labor movement.  It is our hope that a public university dedicated to diversity, equity and social inclusion will find a way to restore this labor programming as a good-faith commitment to these ideals. 

Until then, be aware that our nation is suffering from historically high levels of inequality and multi-level attacks on democracy.  A strong union movement is a counterweight to the forces responsible for these destructive trends.  Carry on with faith in this purpose and the courage to act.

In Solidarity,

CLCS staff


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