Fall Leadership Institute

The Fall Leadership Institute offers workshops for everyone – from seasoned leaders and those aspiring for leadership. This conference has extra course offerings especially geared for those interested in becoming leaders in their union and the labor movement in general. We welcome participants from all cultural or ethnic backgrounds.

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Past Events

You can review the curriculums offered at past conferences below. As this is a long-standing conference, not every year will be able to be displayed. To see photos and video from past conferences, visit the Fall Leadership Institute Facebook Page.

2023 Fall Leadership Institute

The Leaders of Tomorrow

WHEN: November 16-18, 2023

WHERE: University of Michigan - Dearborn's Fairlane Center North, 19000 Hubbard Drive, Dearborn MI 48126


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1. Organizing: An essential skill for union activists, organizing is at the heart of building worker power in the union movement. Learn the basics on how to run an organizing campaign, whether for new units or for energizing established shops. 

2. Ageism: This workshop explores the adverse effects of age discrimination in the workplace and how unions can combat it. 

3. Executive Officer's Training: An ideal workshop for newly elected leaders or members that want to know. Learn the roles and responsibilities of presidents, treasurers, and other important positions, and how to effectively lead a democratic union. 

4. Media: Learn how to combine traditional print and social media to tell your story and build public support for your campaign. Participants will hone social media skills, learn how to take impactful photographs, and examine how to create powerful messaging. Participants are encouraged to bring a camera and laptop. 

5. NLRB: Meet representatives from the National Labor Relations Board, the federal agency that enforces the National Labor Relations Act, and learn about employee rights under the Act. 

6. [ADVANCED] Grievance Handling: This workshop provides foundational knowledge of the grievance and arbitration procedure: employee rights, common pitfall, information requests, the duty of fair representation, Weingarten Rights, and more. Bring your National and Local collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Prior completion of Grievance Handling is required. 

7. [ADVANCED] Steward & Committeeperson Training: Take an in-depth look at the intricacies of stewardship, including: Keeping good notes and documents, how to research contracts/laws, and how to write detailed and effective grievances.law, and how to write detailed and effective grievances. Bring your National and Local bargaining agreement (CBA). Prior completion of the Steward and Committeeperson workshop is required. 

8. Effective Standing Committees: Learn the importance, purpose, and role played by standing committees, the foundation and strength of a union. 

9. Parliamentary Procedure: This workshop will teach you the basics of parliamentary procedure and how establishing procedures can improve how union meetings are run. The workshop is based on Robert’s Rules of Order, the foundation of running a meeting. Bring your Robert's Rules of Order if you have one. 

10. Collective Bargaining: An introductory look at the bargaining process, including how to be a negotiator, how to build a bargaining package, and more. Bring your National and Local collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

10. [ADVANCED] Financial Planning 201: This workshop will cover retirement savings options, alternative investments, financial goal-strategy, and more. Prior completion of Financial Planning 101 required.