2015 Fall Leadership Institute

November 13-14 (PAST EVENT)

Registration fee: $395 (Tuition: $335, Meals: $60)


1 Building a Winning Team

Putting together a workplace team that will work together, that will stick together, and that will win together. This workshop will keep coworkers engaged and motivated.

2 Grievance Handling

Whether a seasoned pro or brand-new, come to this workshop and dig in. Information requests, writing a proper grievance, and when to settle, everything you need to know to get justice for your coworkers.

3 Labor Challenges, Working Solutions

It’s a new world at work: new challenges, new rules, new realities. This workshop will look at the big picture, through the prism of what works and what workers are doing about our changing work lives.

4 Effective Committees

We all know about the Grievance Committee, the Bargaining Committee and the Executive Committee, but there is other important work to be done, such as Civil Rights, Community Service, and Veterans’ Affairs. Let’s do it.

5 Run Your Meeting Like A ParPro

Remember your first meeting? Yeah, we were confused, too. This class will put you in front, running a meeting like a (Par) pro. Knowing Parliamentary Procedure will give you the confidence you need for the next meeting.

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