NOV 7 & 8, 2014 (PAST EVENT)


Registration fee: $325 (Tuition: $275, Meals: $50)


01 Capitalizing on Your Distinct Leadership Style and Building a Strong Team

Discover your own leadership strengths and how to recognize, understand and interact more productively with those whose personality types are different from your own. Learn how to use diverse leadership and personality styles to build a particularly effective team

02 Stewards and Committeepersons Training

If you are a first-term steward or committeeperson, or if you are considering running for a grievance handling position, this is the workshop for you. Topics include investigating grievances, writing good fact sheets, and dealing with members and management.

03 Building Membership Unity

Ever feel like a few of you are doing all the work while the members seem apathetic? Worried of people opting out? We will look at practical ways that you can get more members involved in the union, build support for your goals, and strengthen the power of the union.

04 Union Executive Officer Training

Acquire an in-depth working knowledge of the administration of a local union from experienced union leaders: Dos and Donts for Executive Board Members, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Financial Secretaries, Trustees, and other elected positions.

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