2009 Black Men in Unions Institute

February 12 - 15, 2009 (PAST EVENT)

Ann Arbor Marriott at Eagle Crest / Ypsilanti, Michigan

Registration fee: $450 (Tuition: $400, Meals: $50)


02 Basic Union Skills


Mark Phillips,AFSCME,City of Detroit (Retired)

Walter Robinson Jr., UAW Local 900


Rodney Mauldin, UAW Local 1248

Experienced instructors help you understand the

difference between a grievance and a complaint.

03 Civil & Human Rights


Thandabantu Iverson, Indiana University

Dennis Serrette, CWA International


Donald Ramirez, UAW Local 889

Explore our changing roles as we work side by side to envision a world free of racism, sexism, classism, and ageism.The issues of discrimination, bigotry and prejudice are examined in an atmosphere of solidarity.

04 Labor Journalism--CANCELED


John Cunningham, UAW Region1

Larry Nash,Wayne County


Richard Green, UAW Local 1700

Discover how to write and edit articles for union publications, press releases, and letters. Explore combining words and art to create appealing flyers.

05 Parliamentary Procedure


Harvey Hawkins Jr., UAW Local 1248

Greg Wynn, CWA Local 4100


Antwuan Riley, UAW Local 892

06 Leadership Training


Elise Bryant, National Labor College

Sam Kirkland, UAW Local 653 (Retired)


Corey Jones, UAW Local 1753

Join this workshop that teaches how to climb the steps necessary for your rise within your organization. Learn to strategize and develop a road to success while minimizing the obstacles you may encounter.

07 Organizing


Shannon Kirkland, CWA District 4

Ron Reese, UAW Local 730


Joe Weeks III, UAW Region 1A

Learn how to mobilize your current membership into a cooperative, cohesive, and active unit. Share examples of tactics that have worked at your local. Help spread the word on the importance of organizing.

08 Male & Female Relationships--FULL


Michael Cross, Workforce, Inc.

Sandy Smith, UAW Local 2145


Michael Alexander, UAW Local 12

Together we will learn how the roots of our African ancestry can help our understanding of who we are as brothers and sisters, men and women, joined in the common struggle of overcoming the double legacy of racism and sexism in America.

09 Getting & Staying Elected--CANCELED


Charles Boulton, UAW Local 1264

Frank Rowser Jr., UAW Local 909


Eric Morrison, UAW Local 900

How to successfully run for office - and how to stay there! Learn campaign and public relations strategies and means of financing; also, discuss ethics and union policies on campaigning.

10 Grievance Handling


Damon Sykes, NALC Branch #1

Gordon Patton, UAW Local 3000


Mack Clay, UAW Local 600

Become an effective grievance handler; learn all

the steps of the grievance procedure and how to

function as an agent for conflict resolution, and

review your duties as an Educator, Organizer,

Negotiator and Counselor.

11 African Americans in Labor History


General Baker, UAW Local 600 (Retired)

Bob Cunningham, UAW Local 900 (Retired)


Mel Brabson, AFSCME Local 542

Join us in celebrating the work and memory of our heroes from the past and trailblazers of today. Examine our history to strengthen our work now and in the future.

12 Collective Bargaining


Ed McNeil, AFSCME Council 25

Billy Bradshaw, UAW Region 1C (Retired)


Anton Conerly, UAW Local 1248

Explore the negotiation process and how to build your package for negotiation, create a win-win situation, and conduct yourself as a negotiator. Learn internal and external factors that contribute to the negotiating climate.

13 Dealing with Addiction--CANCELED


Johnny Leonard, UAW Local 1248

Troy Hynson, UAW Local 228


James Bullock Jr., UAW Local 140

There are many types of addictions. Attend this workshop and learn how to identify, prevent, or cope with addictions of all types; drugs, alcohol, gambling, tobacco, food, sex,

shopping or computers. Recognize the telltale signs of addiction and what to do about them.

14 Get Financially FIT: Financial Investment Training


Jerome Head, UAW Local 3000

Duane Gibson, UAW Local 163

15 Sounds & Songs of Labor--CANCELED


Billy Davis Jr.,UAWLocal 167 (Retired)

Lynn Marie Smith, AFT Michigan


Nicole Charles, PHILAPOSH

Historically, music and song have been an integral part of our lives. Even after we were bound for the New World, loaded on ships as cargo, low key humming could be heard by those on the top deck. Faith has sustained us throughout our earthly

existence and now we will explore the effect of music and song on the world of work.

1A Youth & Unions (ages 8-12; $50 Saturday-only workshop)


Lisa Morris, UAW Local 1781, BCBSM

Sheila Windom, UAW Local 1781, BCBSM

Calling all brothers and sisters from 8 to 18! This workshop increases your understanding of the changing world of work and what trade unionism can do for you. Friday orientation and Saturday workshop. $50.00 per student covers tuition,

Saturday lunch and breaks, and Sunday breakfast.

1B Youth & Unions (ages 13-18; $50 Saturday-only workshop)


Donna L. Johnson

Kenyatta Douglas, UAW Local 182

Calling all brothers and sisters from 8 to 18! This workshop increases your understanding of the changing world of work and what trade unionism can do for you. Friday orientation and Saturday workshop. $50.00 per student covers tuition,

Saturday lunch, and Sunday breakfast.