2007 Michigan Summer School for Women Workers

2007 Michigan Summer School for Women Workers

July 26 - 29, 2007 (PAST EVENT)

Kellogg Center / East Lansing, Michigan

Registration fee: $450 (Tuition: $400, Meals: $50)


02 Basic Union Skills


M. Pat Fowler, UAW Local 1248

Lorene Randall, UAW Local 651 (Retired)


DeLisa Brown, TWU Local 171

This is a great class for first-timers. Pick up all the tools necessary to effect positive change in your local union. You'll learn how to become a more active participant in union meetings. A woman

03 Female & Male Relationships


Dr. Michelle Morgan, AAUP, AFT

Sam Kirkland, UAW Local 653


Sandra Esparza, UWUA Local 105

Why are some couples very happy together? What kind of foundation is their relationship built upon? Just how can women relate to men--who seem to be from a different planet? Come and learn how to better understand and relate to the opposite sex!

04 Communication & Leadership Skills


Michelle Kaminski, MSU Labor Education

Judy Barber, UAW Local 362


Kenyatta Douglas, UAW Local 182

Overcome the obstacles to communication by utilizing the building blocks of creating and delivering your message. Whether you are chairing a committee meeting or leading a march, preparation and planning are key elements of leadership.

05 Ballot Box to Bread Box: Politics & Finances


Willie Paulsen, MSU


Maria G. Starr, UAW Local 652

We can negotiate the best contract in the world, but a legislative change can negate it. We need to educate ourselves and others and be involved in the legislative process so WE are the ones to establish the laws to enable us to maintain the middle class.

06 Attitude Affects Your Altitude: Mind, Body & Soul


Lynn Marie Smith, AFT-Michigan

April Bau, UAW Local 892


Nicole Charles, UAW Local 845

Do you know people who emit negative vibes with all that they do? No matter what is thought, said, or done, negativity shines through. Come learn the powerful influence being positive can have on people. Exchange ideas on how to elevate your strengths and your efforts by developing magnetic positive habits.

07 Conflict Resolution


Michelle Fecteau, AAUP

Calvanita Peals, UAW Local 594


Jeanne Baugh, UAW Local 6000

Have you ever stamped your feet, screamed, pointed your finger, and demanded that your position be heard? Then you threw gasoline on the fire. Attend this workshop and explore the techniques and methods of professional conflict resolution.

1A Youth & Unions (Ages 8-12)


Erica Capetillo

Nicole Douglas

Get your kids out from in front of the TV and into a workshop where they will learn what unionism is all about. They

1B Youth & Unions (Ages 13-18)


Yalonda Freeman, UAW Local 598

Detra Pittman, UAW Local 898

Get your kids out from in front of the TV and into a workshop where they will learn what unionism is all about. They