2006 Winter Leadership Institute

2006 Winter Leadership Institute

January 20 & 21, 2006 (6 workshops)

Marriott Hotel at Eagle Crest / Ypsilanti, Michigan

Registration fee: $380 (Tuition: $340, Meals: $40)


01 Basic Stewards & Committeepersons Training

If you are a first-term steward or committeeperson, or if you are considering running for a grievance handling position, this is the workshop for you. Topics include investigating grievances, writing good fact sheets, and dealing with members and management.

02 Union Executive Officer Training

Acquire an in-depth working knowledge of the administration of a local union from experienced union leaders: Do's and Don'ts for Executive Board Members, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Financial Secretaries, Trustees, and other elected positions.

03 Arbitration Techniques

This workshop includes all the elements of arbitrating a case (the last step of the grievance procedure): selection of the arbitrator, putting the case together; proving the union's position, witness preparation; and arbitration format.

04 Parliamentary Procedure & Effective Speaking

Unions, corporations, and civic groups all use parliamentary procedure to facilitate the business at hand. Learn all the aspects of how to run a business meeting using

05 Fighting Contracting Out

Workshop participants are introduced to a process for challenging the argument that contracting out results in cost savings and better quality products. Theory and legal issues are covered, in addition to a step-by-step method for analyzing product costs and preparing a union counterproposal.

06 Winning Health & Safety Campaigns

How can union activists develop health and safety strategies that strengthen the union? How can health and safety complaints be turned into success stories? How can legal rights be used to pressure companies to improve working conditions? This class will cover the strategic use of safety rights to empower workers to build and organize the union. For beginners and veterans, this worker-based approach to safety has power to educate and mobilize the labor movement!







Maurice "Skip" Turner, University of Michigan Labor Studies Center

Jim Coakley, General Dynamics Dept, UAW Int'l

Jim Pedersen, Region 1A, UAW International

Roland Zullo, University of Michigan Labor Studies Center

Peter Dooley, MS, CIH, CSP

Al Benchich, UAW Local 909

Bob Bowen, UAW Local 849 (Retired)