2015 Young Worker Institute

October 9 & 10 2015     (PAST EVENT)
Registration fee: $395 (Tuition: $335, Meals: $60)
1  Skills for New Officers
If you have been elected for the first time, elected to a new local union, or want to understand the role of officers, this workshop is for you. Topics include budgeting , prioritizing and planning. 

2  Basic Unionism
There is something for everybody in the labor movement, and in this class. For new or old members orientation, Basic Unionism covers the broad questions of how and why unions do what we do. Show up, stand up, and be counted.

3  Communicating with Print and Electronics
The most common complaint of union members is that they are kept in the dark. Not after this class. From attention-grabbing flyers and brochures to all-important social media, this class offers what you need to stay in touch.

4  Keeping Our Members Engaged
Everybody in, nobody out. This class explores basic techniques which keep all members engaged.

5  We Make Our Own History
Unions were not created yesterday, but are reborn continuously. Learn and share your union’s history and future.