2006 Latina/o Workers Leadership Institute

2006 Latina/o Workers Leadership Institute
April 6-9, 2006     (PAST EVENT)
Marriott Hotel at Eagle Crest / Ypsilanti, Michigan
Registration fee: $450 (Tuition: $400, Meals: $50)

01  Youth & Unions (ages 8-18)
Gloria Capetillo, AFSCME Local 1585
Erica Capetillo
This popular workshop gives young people ( 8-18) an introduction to the importance of unions and the historic contributions that Latina/o workers bring into the US Labor Movement. The workshop begins Friday evening and concludes Saturday at 4:30 pm. Cost $60 per student; each family's additional child is at a discounted rate of $30 each. This fee covers the workshop, Saturday breakfast & lunch, & Sunday breakfast. If you are interested in purchasing Saturday evening dinner tickets, add $30 per ticket per student.

02  Basic Union Skills
Theresa Martinez, UAW Local 892
Jose Martin Velazques, UAW Local 900
Jose Mireles, UAW Local 898
Experienced instructors will help you understand the basics of parliamentary procedure and the difference between a grievance and a complaint. You will learn how to conduct union business more effectively and become a more active participant. This is a great class for first-timers or for experienced activists who want to refresh their skills.

03  CANCELLED Re/Building Our Unions: Activism from the Bottom Up
Paul Vasquez, Southwest Regional AFL-CIO
Henry Sanchez, MI Latino Democratic Caucus, CWA Local 434
Syed Naqvi, Political & Environmental Activist
Recent economic policies have created adverse employment trends that impact our job security and affect our families and communities. What do politicians have to do with this, where are our jobs going and what can we do? Come and learn through ACTIVE political education and interventions.

04  La Onda Latina: Pride in Our Culture
Jerry Garcia, MSU History Dept.
Ana Cardona, Michigan Dept. of Education
Jonathan Gonzalez, UAW Local 5
Cultural identity is an integral part of every movement. The Civil Rights Movement of the 60s is a great example of what people can do once they know their roots. Come and immerse yourself in this workshop with Latino flavor and learn to turn culture into practical skills and tactics.

05  Re/Building Unions: Activism from the Ground Up
Saulo Colon, Labor Educator
Roy Rodriguez, UAW Local 383
Anna Montalvo, AFSCME Local 1522
The recent breakup of the AFL-CIO sent a wake-up call to many union members. In the absence of direction throughout the hierarchy of our labor movement, what can we do at the basic level? This workshop explains how to be an effective union advocate, leader and activist in your workplace.

06  CANCELLED; Mobilizing for Better Working Conditions
Jeff Ditz, SEMCOSH
Marisela Garcia, SEMCOSH
Julio Melendez, UAW Local 898

07  Parliamentary Procedure
Maurice "Skip" Turner, UM Labor Studies Center
Pete Pena Jr., UAW Local 276
Point of Order?! Privileged Motion?! Do you find Robert's Rules of Order confusing? Help to ensure that your meetings are conducted in an effective, orderly and organized manner. Make sure your voice is heard--come learn and practice!

08  Workers' Rights
Ada Malave, UAW Local 685
Bobby Ramirez, UAW Local 600
Rosa Valdez Lemos, UAW Local 653
Here's your chance to learn your legal rights as well as the laws and contract language that protect you in and out of the workplace. Expert instructors guide you through the "legalese" of contract language and the most recent changes in the law. Learn the legal ground rules for organizing collective bargaining as well as how to identify unfair labor practices. Feel free to bring a copy of your union contract to class with you. Find out what your rights are.